How to Choose Beds and Other Bedroom Furniture

A bed has to be one of the most important objects you own. After a bad night’s sleep on a poor quality bed, you’ll feel irritable, drowsy and under-the-weather: your day will be ruined. But a good bed that provides comfort and support will leave you feeling refreshed and bright-eyed in the morning.

Of course, another aspect to a bed is its very size. Double super king bed (even children’s single beds) are large items. They dominate a small or even medium-sized room. It’s imperative too that your bed is stylish and attractive, as well as comfortable. Nobody wants an eyesore in their bedroom, which is a highly private and personal space.

When choosing a double bed, it’s important that you try the bed with your partner, and that you both have enough room to stretch out. Beds should be 6 inches longer than their tallest occupant, but, if you have the space, it’s better to buy a bed bigger than the absolute minimum size. Super king beds are becoming increasingly popular, but they’re only for the bigger room. You spend a third of your life in bed, so make sure that your bed choice reflects both your personal design tastes and is large enough so you can stretch out comfortably.

It’s important to consider at least some of the following when considering which bed to buy:

-If you watch a lot of television or do a lot of reading in bed, it may be worth considering a bed that adjusts, with raise-able headrest and back support

-If space in the bedroom is limited, think about storage options that are build into the bed. Be aware though that in-bed storage is sometimes not practical for every day use – check each bed individually for its storage practicality

-If anyone who uses the bed suffers from dust mite allergies, then go for an alternative mattress filling such as latex or polyester

-If you and your partner have different tastes in mattress softness or feel, consider twin beds, or double/king (even super king) beds with two separate mattresses that are joined together

Bedroom furniture can help determine the overall style of your bedroom, but it’s the bed itself of course that will have the greatest role to play in presenting the room’s personality: a bed is probably the biggest piece of furniture you own!

When you choose bedroom furniture, it’s wise to consider the following:

-Is there space to include a small sofa or armchair, or even a table at which to eat breakfast?
-Is there enough storage for bedside items such as glasses and books?
-Would one or two large cupboards, perhaps with shelving, be sufficient storage, or do you need greater, more personalised storage?
-If you eat in your bedroom (breakfast in bed) is there somewhere to put a tray?
-Where are you going to store items that don’t see a lot of use, such as suitcases or holdalls?


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