Trendy Sunglasses of Metal Frames for the Summer

Wish to bring a trendy look to your everyday ordinary one? Buy metal frame cool sunglasses and add it to your glamour quotient. cool sunglasses are now a sure to categories you as chic among your friends. The first thing a youngster chooses in fashionables is a stylish eye gear.

These glasses provide protection from Ultraviolet rays also, but they have no extra capacity than UV proof glass or polarized lenses. The cost of trendy eye gears have more to do with their brands, style and durability. Here are few such brands – Calvin Klein, Nike, Gucci, Donna Karan, Chanel and the likes. If you look into the styles of these branded ones you will find that they all have metal frames and designs that are considered hip.

Many stores sell these designer eye wears. There are hundreds of varieties and it becomes difficult to make a decision among their varieties. Moreover the metal rimmed glasses can boast of using various metals to give the cool look.

Here is a Guideline to help you understand the makes of various sunglasses and choose the one that will suit you best.

Guide to choose the best metal frame sunglasses:

1. Bikers Wear: These glasses are made from aluminium or of glazed chromium. They have a tinted design and protect the eyes from wind and sun rays.
2. Sports Outfit: Nickel silver metal is a mixture of nickel and copper and the look that it gives is trendy enough to wear with your sports outfit. It also can hold paint and design on it and that gives an added flavor to its design.
3. Rust Free: Stainless Steel frames are a combination of iron, chromium and carbon. They are durable and rust free. This makes them fit for longer wears and also in hot regions where there is profuse sweating. But they are a bit high priced.
4. Monel Frames: Combination of iron, copper and nickel makes them strong but lightweight. They are also rust proof. They can resist pressure and do not lose their shapes easily.
5. Scratch Free: An alloy of aluminium and magnesium these glasses are light weight and come in very cool designs.
6. Trendy: Titanium used in these frames has the strength of steel, is light and can be made into very chick designer wear. Celebrities and sport persons wear this. This is considered to be the coolest metal for glasses.

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