Replacing Boiler Parts – A Costly Expense?

It’s something that many people worry about when getting the engineer round to look at their boiler problem…how much will replacement boiler parts cost? However, this very much depends on what needs doing. Something small won’t take up much of the engineer’s time in order to get it sorted, thus the parts won’t be so pricey. It’s the larger boiler problems that can be costly, and it might be the case that a new boiler altogether may be the best solution when you have a boiler service.

If you’re having to get the engineer round quite frequently, this could be expensive. Persistent boiler problems are not only stressful and dangerous, but you are likely to be charged each time the engineer comes out to fix it. For this reason, it is always a good idea to opt for a service plan which covers maintenance call-outs. Not all companies will give you this option though, so it is worth shopping around to see what all the energy deals cover.

If you do settle on having replacement boiler Cv ketel vervangen parts, the cost will vary depending on the part that needs replacing and who is doing it. Some suppliers will charge a fortune, so be careful when choosing. Boiler part costs are also dependent on location, which many homeowners forget to factor in. For example, you might find that boiler parts are more expensive in London as opposed to further North. Here are some boiler part cost estimates:

Boiler Pump – 100 – 400 pounds

It is hard to believe that the prices can vary so greatly, but as it is an integral part of the boiler, many engineers will see this as a costly replacement and it won’t be included in the cost of a general boiler service.

Boiler Fan – 200 – 600 pounds

Once again, a costly piece to replace, but without the fan, the air wont move through the boiler. A good engineer will probably charge somewhere in-between this figure.

Thermostat – 80 – 350 pounds

Every boiler needs a thermostat, and prices can be anything from the reasonable amount of £80, right up to the £300+ mark. Ask your engineer what the cheapest option is for a new thermostat, as he may have some cost-effective thermostat solutions available.

Printed Circuit Board – 200 – 450 pounds

Here’s something your boiler quite simply can’t be without. If it didn’t have a circuit board, it wouldn’t function. This is like the brain of the whole appliance, so when this falters, you know something needs to be done. In fact, when many homeowners find that the brain of the boiler is dead, they decide to opt for a new boiler. For the sake of a bit more money, the new boiler is more than justified.


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