Melee Magicians – and Extreme Noise Cases

We must be careful not to exaggerate the noise problems we work with. After all, not everyone needs to hear when doing melee magic, but quite a few do. The farthest person may be 6 to 10 feet away. A trained voice can certainly get there.

However, we acknowledge that sometimes there are extreme cases. In the past 18 years of professional close-up Online Magician, I’ve been in that situation a couple of times. In each case, the event was a party where trying to get my word out was obviously pointless.

Now, in that case, should I try to work somehow? Perhaps you should play quietly or introduce an amplification system? I didn’t choose any of these alternatives. Instead I just left. I once told an organizer, a representative of a booking agency, that working in those conditions would be crazy and I would go home. The representative of the agency protested, saying, of course, I had to work an extra hour because of my contract.

I said I would go home nonetheless and would be happy to work for him again if he wanted me to rebook, but not in a situation where the music would be deafening. He was silent for a moment. Then, after thinking about it, he says, “I think you’re right.” He booked me several times since that night, and the interesting thing is that he now has more respect for my work and a better understanding of the conditions I need to do it.

He doesn’t book me until 1am at parties where loud music is expected, keeping in mind that I should listen as well as I look. Of course, this attitude requires that you do your homework first. Only if you’ve trained your voice to the fullest and properly routined your material for clarity can you accurately judge when a band deserves blame. Blaming the band before making all reasonable preparations for working in a noisy environment is taking the easy road and will be rightly perceived by those accusing you of unprofessional behavior.

To act professionally, one must have the skills, foresight and knowledge to become a professional, which can only be achieved with appropriate training, thinking and hard work. do your homework The results benefit you, your audience, and magic in general.

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