Lists of Hotel Jobs and Job Descriptions

When traveling, people always look for a good hotel to stay for the rest of their vacation. Particularly if they’re new to the place and have no any family relatives to visit. That is why most of the businessmen, give priorities in establishing and building hotels. Hotels do not only offer spaces for people to stay, but also provide complete facilities for relaxation. It makes people feel at ease and forget the stress caused by work and other problems in life. Due to the industrialization and modernization, various hotel corporations have expanded their business and built hotels on different places worldwide, providing immense employment opportunities for people.

So, what are the different hotel news jobs you can apply for? Hotels cater various occupations, from blue collar jobs to executive positions. The following are the most common hotel jobs you can apply for:

Management (Executive) Positions and Its Description

Executive Chef- able to spot problems and resolves them quickly and efficiently

Reservations Officer- handles incoming calls to the reservations department.

Food and Beverage Service Manager-plans, organizes, directs and manages all daily operations and activities within the business units.

Sales Account Manager -maintains and develops the relationships with existing customers via meetings, telephone calls and emails

Front Office Manager- responsible for all operations of the front desk and guest services, including the concierge, transport and luggage services.

Marketing Specialist- delivers the agreed marketing strategy and activity plan for the Hotel including all marketing communications, marketing collateral, advertising, promotional activities both online and offline.

Housekeeping Manager- supervises the daily operations of the housekeeping staff, promoting safe environment and quality service.

Hotel General Manager-directs the team of staff, hires and trains new staff, sets the schedules, works alongside sales and public relations teams and manages the staff budgets.

Dining Manager- monitors food preparation methods, garnishing and presentation of food.

Team Manager- organizes the team and their workload and maintains the performance of the team at a high standard.
Rank and File (blue collar) Positions and Its Description

Senior/Master Baker- responsible for baking, and other major food preparations with regards to baking.

Food and Beverage Attendant- takes customers’ orders, ensures that tables are neat, and carries the dishes to the kitchen areas.

Housekeeping personnel- maintains and monitors the cleanliness of the hotel and its surroundings.

Room Attendant- maintains and inspects guest rooms, provides a clean and secures environment for guests and the facilities.
If you want to be employed in the executive position, you must have a particular 4-years degree in hotel related courses. Experience may not be necessary, however, most jobs especially, when you are applying in high class hotels, they require previous experience about the related job to qualify. If you are not confident to try the executive position but you have a prior training and knowledge about hotel management, then you can try the rank and file position. Check online for more details on how to get a hotel job suitable for you.



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