Hair Clipper Basics – Shopping For Manual Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are personal grooming devices that are used to cut, trim or shave human head hair. They are composed of sharp blades and longer handles that are either made of plastic or steel. There are two types of hair clippers: the electric models and the manual hair clippers.

A manual hair clipper, as the name implies, relies on sheer hand power to trim and cut hair. This device is still widely used in certain parts of the world. Numerous salons and barbers in India, for instance, still use it for giving shorter haircuts to the back and the sides of the head.

Manual hair clippers were invented by a Serbian inventor named Nikola Bizumic. Before the advent of the electrically powered varieties, these clippers were widely used by Barber shop supply to cut hair close and fast. The clipper picks up hair in locks to rapidly depilate the head. This type of haircut is typical in the military as well as among boys in schools were strict grooming conventions are in effect.

These days, there aren’t a lot of individual end users who would opt for the manual hair clipper over its electric counterpart. There are certain barbers, however, in Western countries who still use them for trimming. For many hairstylists, it’s still best to have a manual hair clipper for backup in case the electric clipper bogs down for some reason.

Buying guidelines

When shopping for manual hair clippers, you want to consider models that come with a variety of comb attachments so you can use the device for various hair lengths. Choose clippers with blade guards to protect the blades from rust and keep them sharp. If you’re going to open your own barber shop, however, you might want to go for clippers that are part of a whole professional hairstyling kit so you don’t have to buy other items such as capes, combs and cleaning brushes separately.



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