Full Color Vinyl Banners Create a Bold Presence

Full color vinyl banners are easy to customize with your own photographs and images including your company’s logo and slogan. Online design tools allow you to take full advantage of the 1440dpi resolution that vinyl banners are printed at. This range of color helps you produce the most appealing, accurately represented images on your banner possible.

The advantages of this are endless. You can produce a banner for a wedding or engagement party with a picture of the happy couple or a background photo of their intended honeymoon spot. A graduation party banner can contain several school pictures of the graduate throughout the years.

Birthday banners can depict a favorite theme or the personalised birthday banners boy/girl’s image. Jazz up a birth announcement banner with a picture of the newborn and its parents or a colorful theme of storks and baby rattles. These scenarios make for eye-catching conversation starters as well as bold advertisements announcing the party location or event.

Restaurant owners can easily produce full color photographs of their specialties on vinyl banner to draw customers in off the street. Other business types like pool supply retailers can depict the fun and refreshing experience of splashing around in a pool right on their full color vinyl banner. Other retailers that are having a special sale can depict the particular item that is on sale. Full color is especially great for holiday events, they appear festive, lively and inviting to shoppers. All of these options produce a bold and memorable advertisement that can not be matched by simpler or smaller signs.

A Few Tips for Designing your Full Color Vinyl Banner

One of the most important things you can keep in mind for your banner, especially a banner for a business, is the ease with which it can be read. Make sure your color combinations are easy on the eyes while standing out quickly. Yellow lettering on a black background or black letting on a yellow background is a common, easily readable combination. Red and white is also common. Whatever you choose, just make sure there is a high contrast between the colors. This is especially important for banners that are being hung outdoors.

Keep your fonts simple. One or two fonts are plenty. And while any image can be produced, a unified color theme gives a more finished look and a simpler image will likely have better visibility at a distance. Keep opposite colors like red and green or purple and yellow in mind. These offer the greatest contrast and legibility.

With these tips in mind you can get started on ordering your vinyl banner today. There is no end to the events you can celebrate and advertise with full color vinyl banners!

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