Find People For Free Using Search Engines

Search engines provide a plethora of information to those who know how to use their power. Since you are reading this article on the internet you are likely familiar with at least one of the first tier search engines: MSN (Bing), Yahoo and Google. First tier means they are largest and most influential. There are many second tier, smaller engines and they function in much the same way as the large ones. To start your research you can visit the homepages of one of the aforementioned engines and you will find a prominently displayed search field. Just type in the information you have for the person or business you are looking for and see what pops up. Generally, I would recommend that you have at least their name and city of residence, but you can find them with only their name if you know the right tricks.

With the search of the name and city that you just performed you Edwin Urrutia will probably get many results, perhaps too many to sift through efficiently. Sometimes the information you are looking for is presented in the first few pages of search results. Make sure that you browse through at least the first ten pages of results.

In the event that you still have not found what you are looking for, try the advanced features of the search engines. There should be a link called “Advanced Search” somewhere on the homepage of the engine. The advanced search features allow you to narrow down your research and as a result, give you more accurate results. For example, you will be able to specify exact names using the advanced search. In the regular search if you look for Ricky Martin the results will display web pages that contain one or both of those names and in any order. If you type Ricky Martin into the “exact wording or phrase” field in the advance search only web pages containing the name Ricky Martin written exactly in that way will be displayed. This can greatly improve your results.

There are many other ways to refine your research using the advanced options. I encourage you play around with the advanced search feature using the information that you have about the person you want to find. After all, search engines are very powerful tools and they are free to use.


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