Burning Fat Foods – Do They Really Exist?

You will find out once and for all whether burning fat foods really exists or if it’s just another dieting myth

Do a search on the web for foods that burn fat and you are likely to find two groups of people – those that argue in favor of fat-burning foods and those that say that it is an absolute myth and that burning fat foods doesn’t exists.

I can totally relate if you are feeling totally confused and you don’t know what to believe. The best way to tackle such situation is to tackle it head on – we will have a little debate between the two schools of thought to finally determine whether burning fat foods is a myth or a too good be true reality. Read on…

Arguments against burning fat foods: “NO it don’t exists”

Let’s have a look at some of the opinions that say that food that burn fat don’t exists:

Argument number one

“The vague fat burning food theories won’t deliver what you want from your body” – savvy-fat-burning-food.com

The vague fat burning food theories are the ones that just state that foods that burn fat exist and list a long list of burning fat foods. Of course that’s not going to give you the results you want. If you don’t know how those foods actually burn fat  Health benefits you won’t implement them the right way.

But if you have a solid fat burning food theory, you can implement it on purpose and use the foods that burn fat the right way and get the results you want – all you need is a proper theory and not the many vague ones.

Argument number two

“The truth is that there is no such thing as fat-burning foods….movement and exercise is what truly burns fat…. Not eating certain foods” – mydietbuddy.com

Exercise does play a huge role in fat burn. But what you eat can make up to 80% how you look. The saying you are what you eat are true. You can use burning fat foods to assist your fat-burning exercise to get better results. Only doing exercise and still eating what you want won’t help you to burn fat.

Knowing what fat-burning foods works what way will ensure that you implement them on purpose in your diet to give you the specific results that you desire.

Arguments in favor of burning fat foods: “YES it do exists””

Argument number one

“Some of the food types above in fact act as fat burning foods in that they essentially fill a person up faster and for longer, which means you consume less. Also specific food types can really help to speed up your metabolism, which in turn assists to use up more excess fat!” – articlesnatch.com

This is an excellent example of how food that burn fat actually works. When you eat fat burning foods it won’t automatically go to your fat cells and let them disappear. What it will do though is assist your body in burning fat – just like the above article says.

Argument number two

“Fat burning foods do exists. There are different types of food that burn fat and they burn fat in different ways” – Suzie Parker

Burning fat foods are much more complicated than it sounds. It’s not as simple as you eat the food and it immediately starts to burn away your fat (that’s probably what most people who argue against fat burning foods think). There are different types of fat burning foods and they work in their own special way to assist your body to burn fat.

Verdict – YES burning fat foods DO exists

I can say with all confidence that there is such a thing as foods that burn fat and they do exists – they are just much more complicated than most people think.

To help you match the right type of fat burning food with the results you want to see, I have made a special report on the different types of fat burning foods – how they work, examples and guidelines to use them to create the perfect fat burning diet.


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