Antique Decorative Mirror – Beauty Comes With Age

Your Decorative Mirror is an important item in your house. Not only that it is a functional mirror, it also serves as a decoration in the room where you put it.

As a mirror, your decorative cast brass Mirror is your unbiased critic, reflecting an unadulterated image of yourself, telling you what needs to be done or if everything is okay-your perfect tool for personal grooming. Furthermore, it illuminates the room by reflecting either (or both) natural and electric light and creates an illusion of additional space to the room. As a decoration, the varying rustic or highly intrinsic design of a mirror is an artwork in itself that graces a room where it is placed. The modern mirror commonly has a simple design and yet it is beautiful enough to be an ornament of the room. However, if you want a mirror that really is an artwork almost by definition, and (definitely) by age, then an antique mirror is for you.

Even today when modern furniture dominates the roll of household items, antiques still find their rightful place on what was once theirs. And even though antiques are now rarely used as furniture but as a decoration, the decorative mirror, still through to its primary function, owing to the durability, quality and clarity of the mirror, can still be used as a regular one, although its “ornamental” side now dominates.

Antiques, by definition, are generally which are at least fifty to a hundred years old or more. They are usually beautiful and rare, so owning an antique may not just be gratifying, it can be, well, wallet draining. But buying an antique decorative mirror, especially the one with a clear mirror surface and therefore can still function as a mirror, will be worth every cent that you paid to the antique dealer. And while we are on that topic of an antique being relatively expensive, then I may as well warn you that not all the antiques you see may be authentic.

Owing to many people’s (who can afford, of course), obsession with antiques, many ingenious and irrefutably talented craftsmen can expertly make a furniture that can easily pass as an antique. Now remember that above its beauty and rarity, an “antique” item is an antique because of its age. And since you cannot make a piece of art, no matter how good it is, age in a matter of days or even years, you will need an expert help when you deal with antique dealers. Antique mirrors are popular items, and while quite many are still available, it is recommended that you seek an expert on antiquities, even those that specialize on antique mirrors, to verify that your antique decorative mirror is, well, antique.

Even so, if you want an antique decorative mirror, you can always find one on antique shops and even online. The thing is, first, you have to be sure that it is an antique, and second make sure that it will be at home in your house. And of course, take good care of it, after all, not only that it is quite expensive, but more than that, it did not survive all those years only to be shattered by you.


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