Acupuncture Treatment – Acupuncture for Disorders of the Mouth and Eyes

You must have heard the saying that “eyes speak a lot”. Your eyes give the complete reflection of what you think, what you feel and also about your health enough to make a person form opinion about you. So it is necessary to keep your eyes healthy. Along with that your words impress the people. For this your mouth should be odor free and with healthy gums and teeth. Acupuncture gives you a solution for keeping your eyes and mouth healthy by treating disorders. This is done without any intake of harmful medicines. Acupuncture treatment is very ancient technique that works on the meridians or energy points of the body.

Acupuncture treatment for eyes includes working on certain acupuncture Body Aches & Pain points located in that area. When acupuncture is done on those areas, they stimulate circulation of energy along the qi pathways and more blood reaches to your eyes. With blood all nutrients and hormones also get there which keep your eyes healthy and disease free. The acupuncture points are located in areas of eyes like inner corner of eye (UB-1), depression at the inner end of eyebrow (UB-2), midpoint of the eyebrow, outside of the eyebrow and at the corners of the eyes.

These points are helpful in treating diseases like cataract, night blindness, blurred vision, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, redness, excessive tearing, swelling and pain, facial paralysis, photo phobia etc. Besides the acupuncture therapy, you can also take care of your eyes in general. Drink about 8-0 glass of water to keep your body hydrated. Regular exercise enhances proper circulation in eyes that providing them nutrition. Avoid smoking, always blink your eyes frequently while watching TV or working on computer. Try to include some special nutrients regularly in your diet like vitamin A, B, E, bioflavonoid, carotenoid compounds, omega’s 3 and other essential minerals. These are simple efforts which can make your eyes lively and could make them speak a lot about you.

On our face all muscles are connected to each other, therefore if there is any disorder in one organ its pain reaches to another one also. There fore acupuncture points for treating eyes can also be used for treating mouth disorders. Various other neck and ear points are also used for mouth problems. Various mouth disorders treated by acupuncture are:

Toothache: this can vary from a mild pain to strong one that can make you uncomfortable in eating, speaking, laughing and chewing. Acupuncture mainly is done near the affected area which enhances circulation and detoxifies the meridian of that area. It is very effective in alleviating this pain.

Gingivitis: it is the inflammation of gums in the mouth resulting in bleeding, redness, mouth odor and acute pain. This occurs due to the deficiency of nutrients and blood in that area. Acupuncture promotes more energy flow so that blood flow is generated.

Pharyngitis: it is the inflammation of pharynx also termed as sore throat. It is more prone to children due to its tendency to get infected easily. Acupuncture removes the cough and transforms the phlegm to clear the respiratory passages. It also strengthens immune system to prevent further attack of infection.

The acupuncture for disorders of the mouth and eyes is a sensitive issue, so you have to be careful while choosing your acupuncture specialist. Make sure that your acupuncturist is well versed with all the techniques.


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